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Foundation La VIDA LOCA

Na Louži 1

101 00 Praha 10 - Vršovice

Czech Republic

Identification number: 04655648

Legal form: foundation

File number: 1324 N,

Municipal Court in Prague

Bank details

Acount´s name: Nadační fond La Vida Loca (i.e. “Foundation La Vida Loca”)

Bank:  Raiffeisenbank a.s.

Bank account no.:  520022/5500


We thank to Raiffeisen Bank for keeping our foundation´s bank account free of charge.



Help, which started at a friend´s meeting, literally became our moving force for every day.

Život v kufříku” (i.e. “Life in a Suitcase”) – our first project proved us that the Czech society wants and can help the ones in need. The only thing that is stopping the donors is their distrust and shyness.


Our vision is confident and wise society that does not get discouraged by external failures and negativism, but quite the opposite: the good still exists within us and we are not afraid to promote it.


Our mission is to educate society through our charitable projects, and to point out the amazing changes that are possible thanks to their help.  We always strive for a POSITIVE CHANGE, regardless whether it is for children, the unemployed, senior citizens or public areas.


We are one of the very few foundations, which has minimal operating costs. Therefore, majority of finances from our donors and sponsors goes directly into a given project.



Thank you and we will be looking forward to what is waiting for us,


Martina and Iva



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