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Iva Barnincová Říhová & Martina Wojtylová Opava

Zakladatelky Nadačního fondu LA VIDA LOCA, lektorky, životní koučky a milovnice života


Lenka Vaněk

Marketingová ředitelka



Vítězslav Klement

Social Media Support


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Karolína Kapitánová

Výkonná ředitelka
pro projekty a provoz



Kristýna Zbíralová

Fotografka & Social Media Support NF LA VIDA LOCA


Lucie Oravcová

Manažer marketingu a komunikace



Bára Klárová


& Copywriter NF LA VIDA LOCA

​Let´s live our life the best way we can, let´s set the right examples for our children.

Many of us have an opportunity to help more than only by sending a DMS.

Many of us speak ardently about help.

We want to do more than that.

We want not only to help but also to inspire others with our activities.

We thank to everyone who has already been joining us.

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How it all started...

Go in it “head first”, without prejudices of the surroundings, with only one goal: to capture everyone´s interest and to get sufficient funding for purchase of briefcases for babies, who are sent to infant institutions or foster care right after their birth. This was the first impulse to shoot a calendar for the year 2016.


We have decided to “put our head above the parapet” in cooperation with an amazing duo of photographers – Lukáš Táborský and Míša Říhová. Thus, the wonderful artistic calendar for 2016 was created.

We have donated the gain of the calendar purchase to the first project of our foundation:

ŽIVOT V KUFŘÍKU (“Life in a Briefcase”). 


A simple idea of the direct help to the Department for New-borns of the hospital in Vinohrady suddenly became our moving force for each and every day. Now we clearly know and feel that it was just the beginning.


Today together with help of Míša Chmelařová, the project´s initiator, and our ever-growing team, we spread the project ŽIVOT V KUFŘÍKU to the whole Czech Republic. So that all children, who grow up since their birth in institutional or substitutive care, have their “life story” complete and nicely archived from the beginning. We strongly believe that a briefcase from our foundation will help the children to facilitate their search for themselves and their identity, their place under the sun and among people. In addition, we believe that they will appreciate the completeness of the information about themselves and the fact that the world “cares for them”. Because we care.  


We are crazy enough to make artistic nude photographs, spend four months of our free time outside our jobs and family duties, invest our own financial resources and plenty of energy to the project ŽIVOT V KUFŘÍKU and to establish a foundation. The foundation LA VIDA LOCA (CRAZY LIFE) is meant for us and we are looking forward to its further development and to the projects that are waiting for us.

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