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Simona Krainová

Big thanks to Simona Krainová, her husband Karel Vágner, and their boys Bruno and Max for christening a sale suitcase with memories and treasures in Hamleys. Simona is our big supporter and her heart beats with us and our project.

Thank you!


Klára Trojanová a Kateřina Geislerová

The actress Klára Trojanová and the fashion designer Kateřina Geislerová are patrons of “Život v kufříku” (“Life in a Suitcase”). They accompany the “Kufřík” with their soul, thoughts and words in the texts within the little notebook for the abandoned new-borns.

Thank you!

lasoul foto menší.jpg

La Soul

Martina is our "smaller businesswoman", who has decided to donate a part of her profit for a good cause, and she supports us through selling her designer functional clothing on her e-shop. To support the project “Život v kufříku” even more, her e-shop will also sell a briefcase full of treasures and memories (starting from August 2019).



Kazeto is the project´s key partner that manufactures and donates suitcases for abandoned new-borns to the foundation. Kazeto also sells briefcases full of treasures and memories on their e-shop, where you can support the project “Život v kufříku” (starting from August 2019).


“Our company has decided to help children, who right after their birth end up lonely and parentless. We joined forces with the foundation LA VIDA LOCA and donated them 400 briefcases to be filled with important things and “memories” of the children, first by nurses in a hospital, later by foster parents and educators.


Do you ask who has designed the suitcase? Children, of course. Their beautiful paintings make the suitcases design timeless. In addition, their size ensures that they are big enough to fit in first clothing, shoes, baby´s dummies, photos and a notebook recording all the important information. The kind of information that children would learn from their parents, such as what kind of weather was on the day of their birth, what hair colour they had, what was happening in the world around them …

​​My great-grandfather, who established the company KAZETO, came from a very poor family and his starting position in life was not at all easy. Regardless, thanks to his diligence and determination he became a founder of a very important factory, which until today still produces beautiful Czech products and gives work to many people. I want to send a message to everyone, who was not so lucky to be born into “a golden cradle”, not to give up and follow their purpose. Donating something from our art to abandoned children is mainly a message for them not to give in and follow their dream. It is only up to them what kind of memories they will collect to their briefcase,” says the executive of KAZETO, Mr. Libor Budík

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Foundation "Nadace ČEZ"

We feel immense gratefulness to the whole team of the foundation Nadace ČEZ, the first foundation in the Czech Republic that has decided to support the project “Život v kufříku”. We first and foremost thank to its directors Filip Sirotek and Michaela Žemličková Ziková for their continuous support and personal interest in the project. Mrs. Žemličková Ziková even donated 400 baby´s dummies for abandoned children right from her own financial sources. We thank you very much. We truly appreciate your support.

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Arval BNP Paribas Group

Great thanks to the company ARVAL BNP PARIBAS GROUP, which has been lending us a car for the last two years; so that we are able to distribute the suitcases to all the new-borns in need in the whole country.

Předání radní města prahy 10.jpg

Councillors of the City District Prague 10

We are delighted that after the presentation of our project “Život v kufříku” at the town hall of the City District Prague 10, all councillors unanimously agreed without hesitation to support further development of our project. Moreover, they even contributed from their own private sources for better start in life to the new-borns growing up outside their biological families.


Thank you and we will be looking forward to further cooperation.


Primary School Eden

Children from the Primary School Eden joined the project “Život v kufříku” entirely spontaneously within the event “Run & Help”.

Apart from the earned money, the children give to the project also their pictures, and so they create a new “cover” for the future briefcases that will travel to all corners of the Czech Republic.


Home care "DPS Senior"

Bystřice nad Olší

Dear Martina and Iva!


On behalf of the occupants of our Home Care in Bystřice, I would like to thank you for the wonderful idea to take care of the life story of the little babies, who lost their mum and dad. It´s a starting map of their life, and for the future it´s also a great help not only for the children, but also for their foster parents and other people taking care of them. Nevertheless, I must say that even seniors in some home care houses have their own suitcases of memories. Since this technique is used when working with their memory in the so-called reminiscent therapy. The technique itself is very popular, and from my own experience I can confirm that it is also very helpful. There is something symbolic about it. Life is one big circle indeed.


Therefore, allow me to wish you much success when writing these “life circles”. We are grateful to be able to join you and to contribute to this noble cause. And on top of that, we are especially proud that we are the first social service institution in the Czech Republic that became involved in the activities of La Vida Loca. It motives us to do good, which brings us joy to our soul and a smile to our lips.


With respect,


Monika Kovářová

Head of DPS Senior


Monika Sommerova 1.jpg

Monika Sommerová

Opera and musical singer

-  works as the main interpreter of Christine Daaé in the Phantom of the Opera  

-  guest for the North-Bohemian Theatre Ústí nad Labem in productions Nabucco and Rigoletto

 -  externally cooperates with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra  


​"As a teacher at the Primary Art School in Beroun, I have very warm-hearted relationship with children, and I really like the fact that thanks to this project, each child will get a chance to discover their true self, regardless of the life circumstances.” 

On behalf of the foundation:

“Dear Monika, thank you very much for your beautiful and immediate support. At the beginning of a project, it´s not easy to get support from celebrities. But you didn´t hesitate even for a single second, after we told you about the project “Život v kufříku”, supporting healthy development of children growing up in hospital treatment. You decided to support us immediately. We are looking forward to our long-term cooperation and we wish you all the best in your career.”


THANK YOU, Iva and Martina.  

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