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Every year up to 500 children are abandoned by their mother, or for various reasons taken away from their mother right in a maternity hospital. One day they may wonder about the circumstances of their birth, how they looked like at that time, and whether there was anyone who would like them. Therefore we preserve their memories of the beginning of their lives in suitcases, and so we help them in search for their own true identity. 


Doctors and nurses in 47 maternity hospitals in the whole country, foster parents, adoptive families, willing volunteers, and generous sponsors are all involved in the project “Život v kufříku”.

 We all believe that every child has the right to know their personal story!

Život v kufříku

Život v kufříku

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The suitcases are distributed to 47 maternity hospital in the whole Czech Republic, and this number is growing further.

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