We want to help to prevent inconclusive situations which can make parents of new-born children consider whether to abandon their children. We understand the importance of relationships and support in such situations. How crucial it is to educate individuals to be aware of themselves, their connections and anchors, which will stand even challenging obstacles. How substantial it is, not only for children, to recognise and strengthen relationships (regardless whether it is with biological, substitutive parents, or simply anyone else, who is close to them and supportive).

Therefore, we have decided to create a suitcase for sale full of treasures and memories, supporting communication.

This suitcase is not any ordinary briefcase, but a bottomless coffer for treasures. Only for the most precious treasures – mutual memories, time spent REALLY together, endless questions and answers, getting to know each other, discovering, listening, smiling and hugging.


By spending time with our children, we are telling them: “I love you, I am here for you, you matter to me, I am your support whenever you need, I give this time only to you, and you can get from me everything you need.” These moments are fundamental for formation of personality, self-recognition, and search for identity.

The suitcase offers a bond between a parent and a child. Fill the suitcase with extraordinary photos, pictures, postcards or other souvenirs (little stones, shells, cones, …), which will remind you of places where you experienced something together. And what next? Once in a while, sit down together and instead of watching TV or playing computer games, talk about the content of the suitcase. Regardless whether it will be first Sunday of each month or every weekend, listen carefully and feel each other.

And this is how we christened the sale of suitcases in Hamleys!

Simona Krainová is a patron of the suitcase with treasures and memories, which is for sale.


It is possible to buy the suitcase in the toy store Hamleys or through the e-shop www.kazeto.cz.


The sales revenue supports abandoned new-borns within the framework of the project “Život v kufříku”.


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