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The preventive programme “Život a já” (“Life and Me”), which is one part of the project “Život v kufříku” (“Life in a Suitcase”), is intended for children at primary schools. Between the age 6 – 12 years, the following takes place: a significant formation of personality, development of cognitive capacities, social-emotional abilities and morality. This age is also essential for building relationships.


The programme has the ambition to support relationships in a collective of contemporaries, but also in a family, help to realise one´s roots, network of connections, build intergenerational respect, base and responsibility for one´s own story.

Thanks to that we can prevent social exclusion of children, feelings of loneliness, conflicts in a school class, and also bullying.


The goal of the program “Life and Me” is to recognise relationships and connections which children anchor in their life, and to provide them with a feeling of safety, security and support. The realisation of a network of family, friends, schoolmates, teachers, and other close persons, who will support them in any life situation (who will help me, whom I will help, with whom we can make something nice for each other). Supporting a relationship with parents, grand-parents, and their own future children (“You are becoming forever responsible for everything that you bound to yourself”). Development of social-emotional abilities – empathy, management of emotions, self-acceptance, adaptability, motivation, self-realisation (who am I, what do I want to be, what is my value, what do I appreciate on myself and on others).

The programme is meant as a group self-recognition with elements of individual work. The programme works with music, pictures, drawing, children´s creativity, and intuitive perception.

A significant part of the programme is designed as visualisation of oneself as “the adult I want to be one day”, not from the perspective of a profession, but from the viewpoint of human qualities, abilities, skills, and connections. 

Handover of “Kufřík třídy” (“Class´s Suitcase”) is another component of the programme. This programme may initiate collection of memories experienced together (symbols, amulets, photos, etc.), and hence intensify building of a strong class community.

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