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The activation programme “Život a já” (“Life and Me”), which is one part of the project “Život v kufříku” (“Life in a Suitcase”), is intended for seniors who, together with new-borns, present the most vulnerable group of the population.

The programme has the ambition to support relationships in a family, assist to realise one´s roots, network of connections, build intergenerational respect, sharing experiences and natural perception of life´s beginning, middle and its end. It helps to activate, sharpen brain, train memory, communication and expression skills.

The goal of the program “Life and Me” for seniors is support of intergenerational respect, connections and relationships in a family. Furthermore, it is also realisation of one´s own new roles, possibilities and gifts, which are closely connected with old age. In addition, the aim is to activate seniors with an offer of free time utilisation. During their lives, seniors accumulated valuable experience, which should be passed down. Mutual intergenerational sharing can enrich everyone. Wisdom of old age should be preserved also for future generations. 

The theme of identity is important also in the old age. In this period of life, we search for a new role and a place both in the family and in the world. We want to leave something behind, look back at our life with a feeling of fulfilment and a job well done. Hence, the project “Život v kufříku” can be helpful even here.

To return to the beginning of the project, back to children: children will not be afraid of life, provided that the adults around them will be so much integrated that they will not fear of death.

The programme is designated as a group sharing with elements of individual work. For this target group, we selected such methods and approaches which reflect specific characteristics of this particular life period. The programme offers an activity of filling the suitcase of memories. This can serve as a form of communication with family and friends, preserving and passing down memories, wisdom, physical and psychological activation, training of memory, attention and expression. Last but not least, its crucial components are also its reminiscent element, and the emotions that can be triggered by contemplating the suitcase´s content with family, friends or other people. 

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